AranBiotech specializes in manufacturing and providing solutions in the field of Single Use Systems for Pharma and Biotechnology products.
The company was founded by two leading companies that joined forces to create AranBiotech:

Aran Packaging: 
Aran is a world leader in 'Bag in Box' aseptic packaging for the food industry. Aran sells its products in 50 countries around the world and is considered a leader in its field with an emphasis on quality and R&D capabilities of the highest standards.

BioPharmax is a leading company in the design and construction of clean rooms and pharmaceutical factories. The company has designed and built hundreds of manufacturing facilities in many countries around the world, all in accordance with strict regulations and the highest quality standards.

AranBiotech combines the knowledge and capabilities of both parent companies to bring the most advanced products.
We believe in creativity and flexibility with maximum attention to customer's needs.
Our goal is to give excellent and efficient service at a competitive price that will allow our customers to grow and succeed.
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