Single Use Technologies

AranBiotech specializes in manufacturing and providing solutions in the field of Single Use Systems for Pharma and Biotechnology products.
The company was founded by two leading companies that joined forces to create AranBiotech:

Aran Packaging: 
Aran is a world leader in 'Bag in Box' aseptic packaging for the food industry. Aran sells its products in 50 countries around the world and is considered a leader in its field with an emphasis on quality and R&D capabilities of the highest standards.

BioPharmax is a leading company in the design and construction of clean rooms and pharmaceutical factories. The company has designed and built hundreds of manufacturing facilities in many countries around the world, all in accordance with strict regulations and the highest quality standards.

AranBiotech combines the knowledge and capabilities of both parent companies to bring the most advanced products.
We believe in creativity and flexibility with maximum attention to customer's needs.
Our goal is to give excellent and efficient service at a competitive price that will allow our customers to grow and succeed.
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Vante Biopharm are industry leaders in tube sealing technology. Focused on the biopharmaceutical and medical industries, Vante utilises the most reliable and robust technologies to effectively seal a wide range of tubing materials such as TPE, PVC and EVA. ​ Two ranges are available: ​1. Vante 4160 TPE Sealer – heat seals TPE tubing up to 1 inch O.D. 2. The Vante Bio and SEBRA range of sealers – use Radio Frequency (RF) technology to seal PVC and EVA tubing up to 0.75 inch O.D.

Single Use Systems

Single Use Systems

The biopharmaceutical industry is increasingly migrating towards single use disposable systems for development as well as manufacturing and storage of a wide range of intermediates, process buffers and finished goods such as vaccines, therapeutic proteins and monoclonal antibodies. AranBio offers a range of gamma irradiated Single-Use 2D Bags for various critical applications in biopharmaceuticals and pharmaceuticals. AranBio Single Use Bags are designed to maximize regulatory compliance and process efficiency.

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  • M.P. Shimshon 99760, ISRAEL

Sarel Chen-Tov

BioPharmax Group CEO

CEO of Biopharmax Group. He is an expert in design and construction of API, Pharma and Biotech projects to FDA / EMEA standards and has near 20 years of experience. Unique expertise in efficient and innovative plant design to suit the business case, optimize Capex and Opex, providing the client a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Lior Mor

Aran Group CEO

Lior has been leading the Aran Group since 2002. The company has grown from a manufacturer in the local packaging market to a leading manufacturer in the world of BAG IN BOX. The company has set up additional factories in Israel, Spain and the USA, and today is a leading company in its field. Prior to that, Lior led Nachshon Food Systems Consulting for 7 years. The company specializes in consulting and planning of Kitchens and Serving Systems for Hotels, Restaurants, Large companies, catering services and more.

Ilana Shouby

Quality Manager

Has experience in the pharmaceutical Industry, specializing in QC laboratories and procedures as well as high level Quality Assurance.

Moshe Schwartz

Production & Technical Manager

Moshe Schwartz has worked in the packaging industry for over thirty years. He is an expert on machines technology and special bags production. He also specializes in Laminated films manufacturing. Moshe managed the Aran Bag In Box and lamination plans and previously managed the technical service of the Liqui-Box Company in Europe. Moshe brings with him an extensive and significant knowledge to create the highest quality SUS products.

Yehuda Nahir

Materials Engineering

Yehuda Nahir is the Head of the R&D group at Aran for the last 15 years. Since 1996, lead the co-extrusion development in Polyraz for the food industry. Wide experience in engineering multi-layer film structures and polymer raw material formulas. Leading the development of many co-extrusion blown film products for hot lamination and other products for the Bag in Box industry worldwide.

Ofer Naor

Operation Manager

Ofer has experience in the packaging industry for over thirty years special in control and performance improvement. Has been a partner in the design and construction of production lines in the food industry in Israel and around the world and in cooperation with some of the largest beverage companies in the world. Ofer has experience with wide range of programming process control units HMI and MES for OEE and performance analysis.